Friday, June 22, 2007

Lawn Care Action!

Many of us who are concerned about the effects of toxic chemicals on the health of our families and the environment are also members of churches, synagogs, temples, mosques and meditation centers. Action Now is helping to put out a letter to be signed by institutions of faith and presented to the TruGreen ChemLawn company later this month in Chicago. It encourages the company to end thier use of harmful chemicals on lawns throughout the country. This is a huge opportunity to make a difference! If you are connected to an institution of faith (or know anyone who is), please click on this link and pass the letter on to them. Tell them why you are encouraging them to sign it.


booba said...

There are ways to keep a lawn healthy without chemicals. In N. Hollywood, Ca we are experimenting this summer with mowing every 3rd week and when we mow we use the highest position for the blade. Our lawn is lush and green and I've noticed beneficial insects like the praying mantis thriving. It's also fun to be barefoot because the lawn is cooler to the touch. There is a virtual meadow enveloping our home now with clover, mint and chamomile competing with the native grasses. The neighborhood cats stalk and roll about while the birdies learn to fly. We had a picnic not long ago in our back yard with a young mother who nursed her toddler. I'm constantly amazed how intimately connected we are to the land and of how much life springs forth from it. I believe lawn care chemicals are unnecessary and potentially dangerous to this miracluous web of life. God Bless

Wicked Thistle said...

Excellent information! I wish I had a lawn so that I could use it more functionally, but I'll store it for later use. And I'm glad you're enlisting the aid of religious and spiritual communities--we are, after all, meant to be stewards of the Earth and her inhabitants. It has become far too easy to forgo conscience for convenience.

Hey Booba--that's some mean writing you're doing! Where's *your* blog??

A hug to you both.