Monday, July 23, 2007

"Healthy Preschools Project"

Action Now's

"Healthy Preschools Project"

Dedicated to ending chemical and pesticide abuse

Action Now has been working in Los Angeles as a local community arm on the statewide effort to help preschools transition to Integrated Pest Management.

2219 West Olive Ave. #254, Burbank, CA 91506
For more information contact Annie Waterman:
(818) 762-6462;

Project creation funded by the
City of Los Angeles Environmental Affairs Department

For Staff and Administrators


Send Those Bugs Packing!

We mail our brochure to nearby preschools;
then walk in to request a preliminary interview.
The interview helps us understand their pest problems
and practices.

Later, our children's program preconditions the staff
to accept IPM (integrated pest management) concepts.

Children's Program

Children become a garden with flowers,
veggies, weeds and insects.

Toxi-Moron, a hand-puppet, tries to spray the garden w/ "F-Raid!" He is scared of weeds and roaches!

Toxi learns that some bugs and weeds are good for the garden and that poison sprays can hurt the creatures and the children!

Game: "Keep the Pests Out."

Pests try to get into the schoolhouse.
Students learn to put away food;

Put up screens! Plug holes! End with a song:
"Toxi don't spray! This is where the children play!"

For the Parents!
The most difficult audience to reach!

Hopefully the children
become ambassadors
with the message!

Packets are sent home covering adverse effects,
IPM -integrated pest management, lawn care alternatives,
specific pests.

Your Preschoolers Are "Eco-Smart!"

Are You?

Find out what your preschool is learning to keep your child safe!

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