Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Act Now to Change California Chemical Policy!

Attend a California Assembly hearing on chemical policy!
Or write to your representatives!
See below for details on the CHANGE coalition's efforts to pack the hearing room and generate public involvement. Learn about "Bad Actor" chemicals, and help change California policy on toxic chemical regulation!

Dear CHANGE Members:
We need to pack the room at the Assembly oversight hearing of the Green Chemistry Initiative on this coming Wednesday, March 17. This is a really important moment for us to demonstrate that people want a STRONG Green Chemistry Initiative. Critical mass is really important, so please come and reach out to your networks. There is a role for you whether you want to speak out or just be a supportive body in the room.
Can we count on you?

Rally for Green Chemistry-March 17th
Who: You and other people united for a toxic-free future (organized by CHANGE)
What: Pack the room to retire Bad Actor Chemicals at the California Assembly Green Chemistry Initiative oversight hearing
Where: California State Capitol, Room 126, Sacramento
When: Wednesday, March 17, 9:30a
Why: The Department of Toxics Substances Control (DTSC), the agency responsible for implementing the Green Chemistry Initiative (GCI), has just released their draft plan for regulating toxic chemicals and accelerating the quest for safer products.
They are now asking for comment from stakeholders – including you, the legislature, and the chemical industry.
We want to make sure that the voice for the public interest is louder than the voice for chemical profits. So we need to pack the room with the public voice (that’s you and me!) at the Assembly committee on Environmental Safety and Toxics Materials oversight hearing on the GCI. The heads of both DTSC and the California EPA will be there along with the relevant legislators. They are asking for public comment and we need to be there in force.
In other words, CHANGE has been working for over the past couple years on getting healthy, genuine chemical policy reform for California and we need your presence more than ever. This is it everyone! Once this draft framework gets approved, they start writing the regulations and it will be much harder to influence the outcomes.
So come to Sacramento and help ensure that the Bad Actor Chemicals are dealt with once and for all.
Every person counts!
We want to show DTSC, the legislature, and the governor’s office that people are united for a toxic-free future.
Will you join us? We’ll have talking points available if you’re willing to speak. This is our moment.
Please RSVP to Christina@ceh.org with the following information:
Name:Organization: How many people can you bring:Can you bring a banner:Do you need a ride? (If so from where?):Can you provide a ride? (if so from where and how many people?):Are you willing to speak:
If you can’t come to Sacramento, please show your support by sending a letter to the governor.

Ansje Miller
Policy Director, Center for Environmental Health
Coordinator, Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy (CHANGE)
2201 Broadway, Suite 302
Oakland, CA 94612
510.655.3900, x315

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